Reading for pleasure is an “endangered species” when it comes to hobbies in the 21st century. In a world, where most people want to write, but hardly anyone finds time to read, the future of books is in a perilous state.

All articles on this site are linked to books. All recounted adventures, life-style choices, experiences, and interviews are tributes to the power of the written word: inspired by books, or, hopefully, inspire books to be written in the future.

The purpose of this site is:

  • To provide a review service for indie authors, artists, and entrepreneurs.
  • To share personal experiences of searching for true identity while holding on to integrity through physical and mental adventures, without borders, in a global existence.
  • To show how books can inspire you to do the unexpected and the impossible.
  • To explore educational practices and misconceptions that might help or hinder the world turn around (Greener Grass).
  • To promote fearless, unlimited imagination and creativity by documenting the ideas and positive energy of individuals in any field (Doers).
  • To share inspiring, thought provoking or heart-warming encounters with real-life characters (Portraits).
  • To explore the state of literacy and how it is enhanced or hindered by educators, politicians, and the Web.

Join me in reading and learning for life!

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