Eddie Clay III – September, 2013

Eddie Clay III (pseudonym)
Author, Cambridgeshire, England, UK
Latest book: The Seduction of Monet Dawson, Confessions of a Military Wife

(Fiction/romance, based on true events, New Paradigm Publishers, 2013, 218 Pages, available as paperback or e-book.)

Available at: Amazon, Goodreads, and Smashwords.

Harrington Quickie Interview:

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Q: Do you have a day-job, and if yes, what is it?
Eddie C.: I work for L-3 Communications in the UK as a senior research analyst.

Q: How much time do you spend on reading and writing, respectively?
Eddie C.: As far as writing goes, about fifteen hours a week when I’m writing novel. I need to read more than I do. As a research analyst I read most of the work day.

Q: Do you have a library card? Explain.
Eddie C.: I don’t have a library card. But I use the internet extensively for researching when I am writing.

Q: Which book did you absolutely loathe reading in high school or college? Did you ever grow to appreciate it later?
Eddie C.: In third grade I had to read Cry the Beloved Country. It was too advanced for someone of nine years of age. I later appreciated the author’s work and his ability to connect to the reader.

Q: How would you react to a 12-year-old who states that he/she hates reading?
Eddie C.: It is really sad when young kids don’t have an appreciation for reading. Reading and learning go hand in hand. When I hear such things, I think it’s just a matter of taking the time to introduce them to a genre they can connect with.

Q: Do you like playing video games? Explain.
Eddie C.: I don’t play video games. I think it’s generational; I was born in the early 1960’s.

Q: What’s the best advice you have ever received, and who gave it?
Eddie C.: The best advice I ever received was from my mom: “Plan your work and work your plan”. Honorable mention goes to my old boss who I disliked very much. But his words stuck with me: “Trend is not destiny”; meaning, you can always turn things around. I never accept a rut as the new norm.

Q: What’s the top item on your bucket list?
Eddie C.:
To become a best-selling author.

Q: Are you older or younger at heart than your age?
Eddie C.: Most definitely younger. Fifty is the new forty.

Q: What time do you usually get up in the morning, and how does your daily schedule look like?
Eddie C.: I wake up around 5:30 am. My work day is 9 to 5. I’m in two bowling leagues, and some would say the bowling alley is my second home.

Q: What would you print on your favorite T-shirt (and wear it)?
Eddie C.: My favorite T-shirt says: “Careful, or you’ll end up in my next novel.”

Q: Which character’s life from a classic novel would you like to live? Explain.
Eddie C.: If I had a choice, I would pick Muhammad Ali, from the classic novel The Greatest.  I met Ali at a restaurant in Chicago in 1969. Somehow my dad arranged for me to meet him in person. He was my first hero. He had charisma, intellect, and he stayed true to his ethos.

Q: What is your top choice of a book you’d like to turn into a movie?
Eddie C.: I would love to see the book Into the Jaws of the Tiger made into a movie. The book is about the first Black aviator in the United States Marine Corps, who became the first Black Marine General after a 38-years distinguished career.

Q: What’s the coolest place you’ve placed an autograph besides the first page of a book?
Eddie C.: I look forward to the day when I can answer that question.

Q: What do you wear when you are the most comfortable?
Eddie C.: A T-shirt and sweat pants.

Q: What do you blast in your car when driving (music, radio channel, other)? Explain.
Eddie C.: When I drive, I usually listen to oldies, music from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. In my CD player at the moment are CDs from Barry White, Ne Yo, Michael Jackson, and Johnny Gill.

Connect through readings:

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