What Clients Say


“Thank you for your helpful comments on this book.”
(C. Posner, Publisher, 2013)

“…very generous and thoughtful review. You are a fine writer. I especially appreciate the respect and grace with which you addressed the book’s weaknesses…thank you again for your careful read and the time it took to write a thorough and finely tuned response.”
(Ted Olinger, Author, 2013)

“…extremely well written informative and constructive review. This is exactly what I need.”
(Slavy, Author, 2013)

“I am absolutely speechless. Even though I wrote the book myself, I know I could not have written a better summarization of my own book. You nailed this review. I really like the way you identified the key components of the book, which I hope distinguishes it from other books which are focused more on the war aspect. Your review is so well-written and clear, I am inclined to think that you are also an author. A very gifted author.
I have had plenty of reviews, but this review stands out among the very best. I can tell you were able to get inside my head and see what I saw and feel what I felt….
Your review just made my weekend! Will keep you posted on other writings as well.”

(Eddie Thompkins, Author, 2013)

“It was such an interesting experience to go through the novel through your eyes. And you have two bright ones. The Review is just beautiful and to the point. Am glad that I came to you and do hope that we shall meet sometime in the near future. Thank you for the painstaking effort, Hedi. I simply admire the way you have worked on this.”
(M C Raj, Author, Philosopher, and Social Activist, 2013)

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