Hedi Harrington is a professional book reviewer, writer, editor, artist, and educator. She earned her B.A. in Language and Literature in Europe, and completed her formal schooling in the USA by getting a Master’s Degree in Education. The highlights of her diverse and adventure-filled career include teaching English Language Arts and Creative Writing; designing and delivering presentations and animal shows at the Jacksonville Zoo in Florida; working as a language trainer and cross-cultural advisor for Peace Corps in several regions around the globe; co-writing grants in Micronesia; and painting and restoring easel art. After travelling around the world, she chose to settle in the USA. She lived in North Florida with her husband, a stray cat, and a rescued dog for 10 years, and then she decided to move to Belize, Central America.

The wide range of her personal and professional experiences and her high level of academic training give her an authoritative insight when reviewing books, art, and entrepreneurship. An indie author herself, she is passionate about discovering and promoting new talent and creative endeavors, as well as contributing to the success of established individuals who value honest and constructive critique.

Creative people from all fields of life and craft are welcome to request reviews.

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