Labiris_cover_JPEGMy first indie book:

 Short description

A Hungarian-born New York artist’s fictional experiences that include murder, an irresistible love affair, and life-threatening adventures. The setting spans from New York City through snowy upstate NY to the tropical islands of the Caribbean.

Extended description

Anna Savay, a New York painter, gets an opportunity that most artists dream about: a one-man show in New York City, a rich sponsor willing to spare no expense to promote her talent, and a NY gallery owner who wants to marry her. What can go wrong?
Astonishingly, Anna disappears on the night of her show’s opening gala, leaving a bloody trail that links her to murder, shady business deals, and broken hearts. Her survival depends on her own strength and the trust and support of her family and friends, including a well-loved but formidable island police chief, a distracted musician, an art restorer sister who is devoted to Anna’ happiness, and a jaded sailor with a hidden agenda.
The setting of the action-filled plot spans from New York City through the snowy mountains of upstate New York to the tropical Caribbean islands.
The question is: Will Anna survive the intrigue and life-threatening adventures that the “opportunity of a lifetime” brings her way?

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