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A Marine with a flair for romance, UK-based Eddie Thompkins III is one of my favorite indie talents.  He has authored five books, covering a wide range of issues concerning war, world, and human condition.  His novels are inspired by real life events, and include authentic eyewitness accounts of US military operations, genuine accounts of personal relationships, and free-spirited romance, even if it results in long lasting bodily injury.

Eddie Thompkins is also a specialist in promoting his books.  His insight and experiences are invaluable for all indie authors.

HH., Editor

Book Promotion for Indie Authors:  My Two Cents
Eddie Thompkins III
December 2013

Over the last two years I have self -published five books and each campaign has been a unique experience.  I continue to take risks and grow with each production while staying within a budget. The key for me is to manage my expectations and write the best damn book I possibly can. I constantly remind myself why I write. It’s not for money; it’s strictly for the passion of writing. As long as I stay true to those principles and do the best I can, I am guaranteed to be rewarded with satisfaction and fulfillment. However, as authors we are often validated by our readers. So how does an indie author go about connecting with prospective readers? I wish I had an absolute answer, but this is how I go about it (read full article).