R's Pic

R’s Pic

I guess I’m still in balance, at least by my standards.  Looking back at my day, I found that the positive experiences outweigh the negative ones.

Not Cool:

  • Yelling my lungs out at kids at school, hyper because of eating candy all day.
  • Throwing tennis ball to my precious dog, Lizzy, while sitting in front of the computer.
  • Skip vacuuming house and continue wading in ankle-deep dog hair till tomorrow.


  • Sharing candy with 12-year-olds all day (you should have seen the smile on their faces).
  • Writing Teacher of the Year reference letter for friend.
  • Receiving “just checking in” texts from friends all over the globe.
  • Cleaning my pool with a robot.
  • Confirming appointments for weekend (yoga, tennis, sailing, dinner)
  • Dropping school work.
  • Wearing a hoodie while writing this message. Heat and humidity is overrated.


Halloween is...