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What do gypsies put in eggnog? Answer from Google search, “Whatever the hell they want”. 

A sailor friend of mine made my day with this bit of contribution, driving out of Jacksonville, FL, between a short, early Thanksgiving family dinner and a road trip to Vero Beach where his gorgeous boat awaited at anchor before a four-month-trip to the Bahamas.  

Nomads don’t stay put even on nights that symbolize family gatherings. Some of us do not have the stomach for a drunken uncle’s vulgar remarks sprayed all over the rest of the family, grandma or an estranged spouse sweating over the stove while recreating the hen soup by unwritten recipes of generations, or the meaninglessly fake appearances of a family reunion. Time is much more precious.

What’s in our heart is much more precious.

Go, my friend, and skip town after a hasty Thanksgiving dinner – family appreciated but not over indulged-, and make sure to send me a pic when you hit the Bahama Banks.