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Bakos Kata’s art transports me to an evening spent dressed in pearls and lace, drinking good red wine.

Featuring Bakos Kata: Nomad of the Heart


The work of Hungarian artist Bakos Kata is a nomad’s dream: time and passion make up her jungle, and she travels in shapes and colors. Stirring images wrap around her twitter-brief visual messages that project ideas about womanhood, relationships, self-expression, and personal sacrifices.  The layered emotional states her art conveys are often muffled, many times restrained and controlled, but always stimulating and very, very feminine. Form and color surge in compositions that are pleasing to both the aesthetic and emotive receptors, yet draw on a couple of cerebral strings, also.


Bakos Kata is not new to the local art scene.  Her whimsical works of art have been regularly exhibited around the country since 2005, including five group and five one-man-shows in major cities, including the capital of Hungary, Budapest.  She also contributed to the set design of a running show (2015) in one of Hungary’s oldest and most beautiful theaters, Vigszinhaz.








Nothing is more exhilarating for me than finding new ways of traveling across the universe.  Nomadism has many shades (minimum fifty).  New, sometimes unfathomable experiences are created when time, space, and heart merge into unexpected dimensions. Kata’s art is one to provide those experiences.

Think of nomads – all kinds – while you browse Bakos Kata’s paintings, mixed-media pieces, drawings, and jewelry design, and you’ll discover a brand new shade within yourself.  Guaranteed.